So how does it taste?

So how does it taste?

It's a question we often get asked.  After all, if it’s healthy, it must taste like cardboard, right?

Other products taste like that because they are made from chemical powders and low quality ingredients. Our mission was to change this with Step One Foods.

When we started Step One Foods, our mandate was to not only come up with foods that were good for us, but ones that also:

  • met specific nutrition benchmarks
  • demonstrated the ability to positively affect health
  • were made of only real, whole-food ingredients
  • and tasted so good people would want to eat them on a regular basis

In other words, taste was a priority from the outset. After all, you can’t change health through food if people won’t eat it.

To get to our first 3 goals we had to use only the finest whole-food ingredients - like the highest quality Belgian chocolate, walnuts, almonds and pecans – because the published research led us there.  Additives, preservatives, chemicals and various isolates are barely safe, let alone health promoting – so they were eliminated as possible inclusions from the get go.

Fortunately for us, when you combine excellent, whole-food ingredients, you get wonderful flavor.

To be sure, if you’re used to eating foods full of chemicals and various additives our foods will taste different.  But they certainly won’t taste like cardboard.  And if you give it a few tries you will actually prefer the taste of Step One over what you were eating before.  Because your body naturally craves real food packed with real nutrients. That is what we offer.

Step One Foods is a completely different kind of food company. We do not exist just to feed you.  We are here to help you improve your health.  That’s a whole different level of commitment - and trust. And it’s why we will never compromise on ingredient quality – or taste. We see our duty as providing you with the highest integrity, best tasting, ready-to-eat foods that can help you reduce your reliance on prescription medications.  Because your health is our absolute number one priority.


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